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15 Jun

Sometimes I get sucked into this black hole of going through countless “fashion” blogs, occasionally to the point where my eyes glaze over. At first I like them, I think the girl is drop, and get inspired by some of the flawless outfits she posts, amazing recipes she’s concocted, perfect rooms in her home, her never out-of-place super model hair, her god damn makeup, her closet, her jewelry…and then all of a sudden I get angry. Seriously though, who the hell follows these girls around all day and takes millions of pictures of them? Don’t they EVER just wear sweatpants? Does their nail polish ever chip? When they dump out their purse and take pictures of the contents, how long does it take them to arrange all that perfect shit? And where are all the crumpled receipts and candy wrappers and airplane sized bottles of booze?  AND WHAT KIND OF JOB DO THEY HAVE WHERE THEY CAN AFFORD ALL THIS HIGH END SHIT?



Then I just head over to Regretsy and laugh it off…













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