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Music Video of The Day

13 Jun

In case anyone was having a case of the Mondays here is a little ray of sunshine certain to brighten your spirits in the form of this music video By Japanese artist   Shugo Tokumaru for the song Parachutes. The song features a driving, and constantly uplifting guitar rhythm met with what sounds like fisher price xylophone interjections, all to be topped off with Shugo’s light and sweet vocals. I have yet to translate the lyrics but I am sure, somehow the subject matter is inherently positive. The animated footage is done entirely in paint, and through this is able reflect the childlike innocence of the song, without being cheesy or lacking entertainment value. After a short time you’ll begin to realize how meticulous this must have been to compile.  If you are down, bored, tired, or still hungover from the weekend, this is sure to cheer you up, and if you enjoy watch all of his videos available on his website.


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