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NYFW S/S 2012: Ralph Lauren

16 Sep

Always a classic show in my book, Ralph Lauren never disappoints me. I love the art deco looks, and the old Hollywood Glamor feel that I got from the long silk dresses paired with the luxurious stoles. The runway was gorgeous too, an opalescent white, but atmosphere was so high-key it seems to have made photographing some of the solid white looks a little tricky. initially flipping through the photographs from style.com, I would catch a glimpse of the next look coming onto the runway, but by the time she was at the end in the direct light a lot of the detail looks like it got washed out. Here are my favorites:

















(photos c/o: WMagazine and Style.com)



Look at how drop Olivia Wilde looked at this show:



Jenny C





NYFW: Oscar de la Renta

14 Sep

I was sitting in class last night dying over the insta.gram pictures that were flowing in, which were mostly from Bergdorf’s, of Oscar de la Renta’s S/S RTW 2012 show. Seriously – in between getting a refresher on fractions (disgusting) and counting the times my professor said “you know” (57), I was constantly hitting refresh on the news feed and gasping every time a new image came up. Here are some of my favorite looks –





I had a major love affair with yellow this year.





Three words: White. Fur. Stole.

I would really like to see this black dress from the back ^




Here are two looks that I really did not care for…

When I was 3, or 4 years old I remember wanting to be a princess for Halloween, and my mom made me a costume that looked kinda like whatever those are. I’d really like to get a good look at those pink shoes, though.

(Photo c/o: Style.com



I love the Stevie Nicks inspired hair –


Check out the bonkers way they achieved this look



This is a technique called “rick-racking”. The hair is wrapped around a large pin, heated with a flat-iron, and then set for AN HOUR. How did they pull this off before a runway show?

(Source: Beautyhigh.com)



Jenny C

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