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Fimo Clay Nail Art

1 Jun

Being obsessed with all things Kawaii and insane nail art, Fimo clay canes are something that I’m very exited about. Back in the day I would dish out a lot of money to get a full set, and even more money to get some flashy designs. However, working with your hands when you have giant acrylic nails is a frustrating task (as are countless other things), and the damage it causes to your natural nails is brutal. With Fimo clay, you can apply it right onto your own nails with just a base coat.

A lot of the above images are from Yukiumi, where you can buy supplies to attempt to do this yourself, or buy amazing pre-made full sets. Not all of the images above are done with Fimo, but they’re still pretty rad.

My haul from MiniatureSweet on Etsy. I’ll post pictures of my attempt to use these cuties – unless of course I fail miserably.

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