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Things I’m Obsessed With:

23 Jun

Gold Indian jewelry. If only I had an extra $5,000 laying around so I could buy one of these…














A beautiful and unique necklace that I bought yesterday from Babette on Etsy.. (She has some really amazing pieces)



Where have I been for the passed three days??…


My nails (and bandaids thanks to ^^^that guy)…




Jenny C

It’s All Happening

14 Jun

Ordered more fun from MiniatureSweet yesterday….

New nails..

Really not the greatest pictures.  Sowwy (it’s pretty hard taking pictures of your own hands)

I LOVE the lookbook for Wildfox’s Fall 2011 collection. Here are some of my favorite images..

Inspired by Almost Famous, what I really love about this shoot is the story behind the images. I chose these above images because they have cinematic, film-still quality. I’m haunted by some of these pictures and to me that is what makes an effective advertisement. In the past Wildfox has featured some pretty over-modeled look books (seriously, I don’t care about how pouty and beautiful the girl is wearing the clothes. I care about the CLOTHES) but these images convey a feeling, and it’s a great one. Can’t wait to see what they do next.

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