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Perfect Hair Forever

8 Jun

I hear that. Every girl knows that the key to a good look and feeling confident is having good hair. But let’s be honest, hair is hard. If you have straight hair, you want it curly, curly hair you want straight – not to mention the plethora of colors we strive to attain..anything but what we were born with. And now that it’s summer I’m fighting the daily urge to just chop it all off (which I know I would instantly regret) Now that the heat is on it’s a better time than any to get creative with your hair. Don’t despair, it’s actually really easy. REALLY.


Here is a simple braided top bun with easy to follow instructions. I scooped this from Joanna Goddard’s amazing blog, A CUP OF JOE. Here are some more of my favorites from her site..




I’m trying this one tomorrow.

I always thought I’d look silly with Heidi hair, but I don’t and it’s easy. Pop over to Joanna’s site for more hairspiration (and other awesomeness)

Lately I’ve been wearing my hair Topsy style (or whatever it’s called) and I’ve got to say, people always have some remark to make – “oh did you do that with that topsy turvy thing from the 80’s??!” they ask me. The answer is NO. I’M BRINGIN IT BACK. TOPSY HAIR, DON’T CARE.


I look good, okay?

In my search for pictures of above mentioned hair style, I came across Hair Romance where I found TONS more amazing styles I’ll be trying out. (and the disney picture) Here is one of them..


This is beautiful. She even takes it to the next level..


The flowers are actually a necklace that she pinned in. Perfect idea for a wedding.




And then there’s this

I realize this is not the best picture, but I wanted to show you my hair today. I definitely did it without looking in a mirror so it’s not the best, but it’s easy. I french braid my hair from the top right curving down to the nape of my neck where I finish off the braid and secure it with a tiny clear elastic band. I pick up the braid and wrap it in a circle, pinning everywhere. I haven’t washed this mane in about 4 days, so no hairspray is even necessary (it’s going into a riding helmet later anyway…) And on another hair related note…


Here’s a sneak peek of a line of hair combs I’m working on. What do you think? Would you wear one?

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