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Getting Ready for Vacation

18 Jul

First, let’s go over the weekend..

nail situ: I didn’t clean my cuticles before I shot this, sorry, I’m not sorry. I used Essie’s “Borrowed & Blue” from the 2011 Wedding Collection as the base. To get the drip effect I let the polish collect a bit at the bottom of the drip and brushed it back towards the tip of the nail. Then I connected them across the tip like you would a french manicure.

I seriously cannot get anything done with ^this in my room.

Luckily I have Paula Abdul Dance Mixes in my record collection, which was on full blast to get us pumped for our ride to Seaside Heights. (Which was an epic shit-show..would you expect anything less?) I was too distracted by drinking to take a lot of photos, but I did manage to capture the aftermath in the morning:

Massive headache..check. Sunglasses I found in Matt’s car missing one arm…check. Wearing new favorite shirt…check. All in all a pretty successful venture.

This Friday I’m heading to Topsail, North Carolina.

I’m so exited, I made this checklist:

What I’m not exited about is the fact that this 10-year-old girl was bitten by a shark at Topsail Beach in 3 1/2 feet of water on July 1st.  Last year a 13-year-old girl was bitten twice before she made it out of the water. A few days later someone snapped a picture of this bull shark in the ocean..

I should probably stop googling this topic or I’m not going in the ocean at all.

I leave you with these

Soooooo good! Found on Shlooby Kitten


Jenny C


15 Jul

It’s only 10am, and I am READY for the weekend


Guess where I’m heading tonight??


I don’t think I’ve been to Seaside since my prom (I actually think we’re staying in the same hotel we did back  then..)


Oh thank God, they have an M&M machine.

I leave you with a plethora of hilarity





(I’m pretty sure I got the above  from Shlooby Kitten)



Where can I buy this??!!


(^these are all from eatingallthefeelings – sooo good)


Have a weekend!!


Jenny C

Things I’m Obsessed With:

12 Jul

Moroccan Riads. I want to live in one.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.





Jenny C

Wanderlust: Peru

11 Jul

This slideshow requires JavaScript.






Jenny C

Weekend in Maryland

27 Jun

Here are some shots I took this weekend in Maryland


It started out as a pretty dreary day


See the guy?




I think there’s a ghost in ^this picture.



Eventually the sun did come out






Jenny C

This Week’s Obsession: The Palace on Wheels

31 May

One day I will be on this train…

and see all of these places…

Here’s some more pictures of the Palace On Wheels

Take a look at the 8 day itinerary featured on the Society of International Railway Travelers site – it sounds pretty incredible.

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