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It’s oh so quiet

10 Oct

WHAT A WEEKEND!!! Perfect weather, an amazing visit with friends, some GREAT rummage sale finds, and tons of food and drinks. I’ve got lots of catching up¬†and studying to do, so today’s post is short and sweet.

Cruising around in my convertible with my girlfriends (photo c/o Denim Ninja)

One of my favorite Bjork songs and videos (directed by Spike Jonze) :

And some bonkers 70’s interiors. Enjoy!

(This one isn’t really 70’s, but it’s pretty bonkers none-the-less)

Happy Monday ūüôā


Jenny C


Colin Stetson Live 3am Montreal

16 Sep

When a person or people describe music as avant garde, your initial subconscious reaction is to discover your brain reminiscing about some noisy DIY show you’ve been to in a college city basement or pondering some of the iconic godfathers pursuing alternative techniques of pushing art and music to it’s limits and then some(Zappa, Sun Ra, etc.). You could very well just be grouping for words trying to define exactly what avant garde means. Experimental? yes. Innovative? yes. Crazy? sort of. Weird? maybe.

The French translation roughly means advanced guard, with the¬†adjective English version literally meaning to advance the boundaries. Something that horn specialist Colin Stetson has accomplished with a great deal of success. Colin’s music is not some “emperor’s new clothes” phenomena like some artists I think get away with, his sound is refined, his talent with his instruments reaching great heights, and the skill in producing his performances is nothing short of spectacular.

I had fallen in love with his record,¬†New History Warfare Vol. 2: Judges, after a trusted friend’s recommendation lead me to acquire it, and after drifting out of heavy personal rotation I saw this video and¬† it was immediately thrust back in to an even heavier rotation this time around as it was brought to my attention that the entire album is recorded on 24 different mic positions, with no looping or over-dubbing. That simply is amazing! My mind will perpetually be blow by this concept. I am struggling to describe how utterly impressive that is, so I will shut up and let you enjoy the video, which is impressive in it’s own right because there was no audio post production, all the sounds you are hearing where just capture by the live mics in one take. including the cars driving by in the tunnel below.

Colin Stetson – “The Stars In His Head‚ÄĚ (Dark Lights Remix)

One love



Get outta heeerree

15 Sep

At this moment in time I’m in a foul mood. I think it’s because my normal computer has died, and I’m temporarily using this slow as shit laptop that I’d guess is from the early 2000’s based on its weight alone. So in lieu of my crappy ‘tude, here are some things I wish would go away forever.





You are not Baby Spice and this is not the 1990’s no matter how hard everyone wishes it was right now for some reason.


#2 Dip dyed hair


You look like you should be¬†sniffing oxy in a bathroom¬†somewhere. Take a shower Kate. I’m sure this looks good for one day after you do it, if you’re 14 years old.


#3 People saying Kat Graham has an amazing sense of style


You ain’t no Gaga. Who the hell is this person? Where did she even come from? Is this an idol situ? Honestly, she has had some passable looks before, but this is just crossing over into bat-shit arrogance haze crazy.

#4 Insane shoes


Please explain to me where you would wear these. Then explain how you walk in them anywhere, because life is not a perfectly level runway (a question from a girl who has worn heels out of the womb and in ALL TERRAINS) Furthermore, I would like to know who can justify spending $1000 on a ten second trend.


#5 Kim Kardashian



I just don’t get it. She has a sex tape with RAY J and now America is obsessed with her for some reason? Stop giving this woman money.

Let’s look at some pictures of what she used to look like..




I really hate how successful and admired she is for seriously DOING NOTHING/getting done. Disgusting.


#6 Nicki Minaj V. Lil’ Kim



AND let me just say, Lil’ Kim was a Barbie¬†first. (How many¬† licks yaaalll) ¬†sooowwwyyy


I think that’s enough hatred for one day.


Jenny C

Oldie but Goodie

23 Aug

Okay so it not that old, but old enough(circa 1999), and most certainly good enough. Coffee and TV by the band Blur, is a great track, but moreover the music video is even better! It is super cute, and extremely entertaining. A great compliment to an awesome song, check it out!

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