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It’s oh so quiet

10 Oct

WHAT A WEEKEND!!! Perfect weather, an amazing visit with friends, some GREAT rummage sale finds, and tons of food and drinks. I’ve got lots of catching up¬†and studying to do, so today’s post is short and sweet.

Cruising around in my convertible with my girlfriends (photo c/o Denim Ninja)

One of my favorite Bjork songs and videos (directed by Spike Jonze) :

And some bonkers 70’s interiors. Enjoy!

(This one isn’t really 70’s, but it’s pretty bonkers none-the-less)

Happy Monday ūüôā


Jenny C

VNA Sale Prep/ SoundCloud Souviner/ Miscellaneous Madness

6 Oct

September disappeared faster then the summer, the transition rearing the ugly heads of academics, and responsibility. But now October is in full swing and has it many redeeming qualities worth note! For one the first weekend of every October gifts us with the extremely exciting VNA Rummage Sale! For those who don’t know the rummage sale is a massive vintage/second hand extravaganza featuring clothes, furniture, jewelry, art, electronics and more! One of my fondest memories of my freshman year of high school, is my dear friend Jeff pretending to be my father calling me out of school, and taking me to my first VNA sale. As always I will be keeping my eye out for soccer jerseys, NY Jets Gear, and this year I really want to get my hands on a dope robe for protection from after shower chills.

Here’s me in an epic Jets Hat & Sweatshirt combo my buddy Brett(pictured in the mirror)¬† from a 2 years ago!

Another extraordinary October offering, is pumpkin. Pumpkin anything. Pie, coffee, candles, and deserts. But for me personally this equals pumpkin beer, and this year I have been trying to get my greedy little mitts on all the pumpkin beer I can in an attempt to establish a clear favorite. So far the Post Road Pumpkin Ale and The Southern Tier Pumpking(get it!) Imperial Ale are neck and neck for that top spot. Feel free to send me any suggestions or recommendations, because while I know I tried a lot, I know I haven’t tried them all.

Yummmmmmmmmm in my Tummmmmmmmmmmm

Thirdly as a weaker SoundCloud Souvenir this week(weaker in the fact I lumped it into this Jennyesq post, not due to the content of the souvenir),¬† a band I have gushed over before on this blog , Real Estate, and the newest song¬†“Green Aisles” off there soon to be released full length LP Days. A less bubbly more reflective track displaying there emotional depth and songwriting range. Basically this band is fucking great, I really enjoyed all the projects the members where apart of before forming Real Estate, and lately they been hitting the nail on the head for me. I hope you love it as much as I have and will continue to.

As Always

One Love

Brian  :]

Go Outside

6 Oct

Two days ago it was cold. I brought my boots out of the closet for the first time, and bundled into a sweater, jacket, AND a scarf. But now it seems as though we’re getting one whole week of the most perfect fall weather. The kind where you can still get away with wearing no socks and a good chunky sweater instead of a jacket. Fall is hands down my favorite season, and I can remember not really having a decent one for the past couple of years. I remember being able to wear shorts almost into November, and then seeing snow about a week later. So I’m thrilled and will be taking advantage of this gorgeous time of year to the fullest.

Yesterday I took Lotus the dog exploring

Pardon the random gray stripe going on at the left, not really sure what’s going on there.

The Canadian geese are beginning to migrate.


A dirty dog is a happy dog.

Go outside.


Jenny C

SoundCloud Souvenir – Ramp Recordings

21 Sep

This edition of SC Souvenir is going to be short, but hearty, like BBQ pull pork eating contest hearty, and something I could totally go for right about now, well just the pulled pork not the eating contest. Amidst the darker side of Autumn that locks us inside to study or work with it is gray skies and rain, as it has these past few days in NJ, try to overcome with the help of some the seriously awesome dance tracks that are up on Ramp Recordings SoundCloud;

One Love



Colin Stetson Live 3am Montreal

16 Sep

When a person or people describe music as avant garde, your initial subconscious reaction is to discover your brain reminiscing about some noisy DIY show you’ve been to in a college city basement or pondering some of the iconic godfathers pursuing alternative techniques of pushing art and music to it’s limits and then some(Zappa, Sun Ra, etc.). You could very well just be grouping for words trying to define exactly what avant garde means. Experimental? yes. Innovative? yes. Crazy? sort of. Weird? maybe.

The French translation roughly means advanced guard, with the¬†adjective English version literally meaning to advance the boundaries. Something that horn specialist Colin Stetson has accomplished with a great deal of success. Colin’s music is not some “emperor’s new clothes” phenomena like some artists I think get away with, his sound is refined, his talent with his instruments reaching great heights, and the skill in producing his performances is nothing short of spectacular.

I had fallen in love with his record,¬†New History Warfare Vol. 2: Judges, after a trusted friend’s recommendation lead me to acquire it, and after drifting out of heavy personal rotation I saw this video and¬† it was immediately thrust back in to an even heavier rotation this time around as it was brought to my attention that the entire album is recorded on 24 different mic positions, with no looping or over-dubbing. That simply is amazing! My mind will perpetually be blow by this concept. I am struggling to describe how utterly impressive that is, so I will shut up and let you enjoy the video, which is impressive in it’s own right because there was no audio post production, all the sounds you are hearing where just capture by the live mics in one take. including the cars driving by in the tunnel below.

Colin Stetson – “The Stars In His Head‚ÄĚ (Dark Lights Remix)

One love



NYFW SS 2012: Pamela Love

13 Sep

As I’m sure you already know, it’s¬†fashion week. If that’s not really your bag you can go ahead and ignore my posts for the next week or two. I’ll try to sneak in some other subject matter – but I’m not making any promises. Having said that, let’s move on to Pamela Love’s show that took place September 10th at Milk Studios in NYC. Pamela is an insanely talented jewellery designer based out of New York. I could go on about her designs, but what I really loved about this most recent presentation was the makeup, nails, and styling (done by Pamela herself, she even made the back drop). Inspired by Morocco, Love toned down her edgyness¬†and softened up the feel. The vibe here is a slightly rugged world-traveler one, girls with smokey eyes, and fishtail braids sticking out from their leather Panama hats standing on piles of carpets.


How much fun would it be to play in those boxes?? (above photos from stylecaster)

Definitely making a trip to Sephora asap..

LOVE those nails

And then, at this VERY show, something rare and amazing happened..


Anna Wintour is laughing.

(above photos from Refinery29)


Speaking of Anna: I died cracking up when I saw this picture –

HAHAHAHA¬†Nicki Minaj¬†sitting next to Anna Wintour¬†at Carolina Herrera.¬†I mean,¬†come on Nicki, just be normal already. Tone that shit down, you’re sitting next to Anna Wintour for Christ’s sake.


Jenny C

Post Slackin

12 Sep

Here’s the deal – Both BFCashman¬†and myself are back in school. So if you’re wondering why we’ve been¬†slackin’¬†this week, there’s your answer. Getting re-adjusted to school¬†while working full-time takes a week or two (sometimes it just never quite gets there). BUT I pinky promise that I am going to try my hardest to post almost daily.

I’m obsessed with Kristen Stewarts’ spread¬†in the most recent issue of W.¬†She looks drop! I’m¬†especially loving¬†the makeup. I wonder if there’s a way I could pull this off? How can I get my hair that big?¬†Where can I wear this makeup? Should I just go to class¬†like this?






I’ve never noticed how perfect her nose is before. The only flaw this spread has is not having more photographs.


Jenny C

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