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NYFW: Oscar de la Renta

14 Sep

I was sitting in class last night dying over the insta.gram pictures that were flowing in, which were mostly from Bergdorf’s, of Oscar de la Renta’s S/S RTW 2012 show. Seriously – in between getting a refresher on fractions (disgusting) and counting the times my professor said “you know” (57), I was constantly hitting refresh on the news feed and gasping every time a new image came up. Here are some of my favorite looks –





I had a major love affair with yellow this year.





Three words: White. Fur. Stole.

I would really like to see this black dress from the back ^




Here are two looks that I really did not care for…

When I was 3, or 4 years old I remember wanting to be a princess for Halloween, and my mom made me a costume that looked kinda like whatever those are. I’d really like to get a good look at those pink shoes, though.

(Photo c/o:



I love the Stevie Nicks inspired hair –


Check out the bonkers way they achieved this look



This is a technique called “rick-racking”. The hair is wrapped around a large pin, heated with a flat-iron, and then set for AN HOUR. How did they pull this off before a runway show?




Jenny C

Loborious Labor Day

7 Sep

What a weekend! (yes I realize it’s Wednesday, it’s been rather hectic..)

On Friday we attended our friends’ BEAUTIFUL wedding in South Jersey at the Mill

The bride wore a gorgeous PINK Vera Wang gown. My brother got ordained just so he could marry the two of them, and I’ve got to say, he really did a wonderful job. I finally got to wear my new All Saints dress – here I am looking fancy and over-exposed

The rest of the weekend was spent having a lovely time with Brian, and prepping for a photo shoot. Here’s Lotus the dog trying on a floral headband I made-

I’ve been extremely busy working on re-launching my new jewelry line which will include a style blog and a brand new Etsy shop. On Monday I headed to Brooklyn to do a look book shoot with my friends. They are so talented and helpful – I can’t wait to see the whole thing come together. I had a few concepts in mind – one of which I wanted to have  a simple “back to school” feel to. Luckily Gill had a fantastic prop on hand –

Then we transformed a corner of Gill’s apartment into an altar and shot some looks with a “day of the dead theme”. Jenessa did an amazing job with makeup, and Gill shot the entire thing. Here are some random shots the three of us took throughout the day-

Stay tuned!!

As my classes begin and summer comes to an end I’m sad to see it go, but I can tell it’s going to be a very productive and exiting fall.


Jenny C

PS. Remember my summer list? I finally learned how to fishtail braid. Bring on Fall.

Weekend Re-Cap

23 Aug

Where has August gone? It’s seriously the 23rd already?! Seeing as how summer is coming to an abrupt end, I’ve been trying to pack as much into my weekends as possible. Luckily I kept my summer to-do list pretty short and realistic, so I feel good about what I’ve been able to accomplish in these three short months. Aside from spending as much time on the beach as possible, my main goal this summer was to get on a boat. Unfortunately I don’t know anyone who has one, but my friend Matt has a canoe (that kind of counts right?)

Supposedly this is a one person canoe – but we proved that theory wrong.

Our canoeing skills were pretty solid, considering we somehow didn’t tip this thing over. We did wind up making a lot of accidental circles…Let me put it this way – If canoescapades was an Olympic event, I’m confident that we would have at least walked away with a bronze metal.

Here was the nail situ for the weekend:

Maybe I’ll properly clean my fingers before I photograph my nails one of these days. I really wanted to try a fade technique, but you really need a cosmetic sponge to do this right. The closest thing I could find in my house were these weirdo rod curlers my mom bought me for Christmas like, circa 2002 that I never had the heart to throw away. They are kiiindaa foamy, so I took some scissors to them and did my best with the resources I had. That nail polish looks awesome, right? IT SUCKS. (Justing Beiber “One less lonely girl” collection for Nicole by OPI. The color itself is called “step to the beat of my heart). It will take you an hour to get ONE heart out of that bottle.

(Lotus the dog dying for me to throw her ball)

One of my favorite places in New Jersey is the Dover Antique Center. Not only is it across the street from one of the best Salvation Army stores in the world, AND close to countless authentic Mexican restaurants, but it is filled with some of the coolest and most random things. I can always find something I can’t leave behind. Here’s one of the things I walked out with:

My new favorite print. (Can’t remember who it’s by..all I can remeber is the date -1977)

Here’s the current nail situ:

More detailed shot:


One more thing I wanted to share with you – I love these guided hairstyle guides from Refinery 29. I tried this one out this weekend and LOVED it..

I feel like I’ve been wearing a top knot all summer long so it felt refreshing to jazz it up a little bit. I’m still having issues mastering the fishtail braid (another item on my summer to-do list), but I haven’t given up, and summers not over just yet.


Jenny C

This Just Made Me Want to Vomit…

15 Jul



ew ew ew ew ew look at iiiittttt!! ew ew EW

Perfect Hair Forever

8 Jun

I hear that. Every girl knows that the key to a good look and feeling confident is having good hair. But let’s be honest, hair is hard. If you have straight hair, you want it curly, curly hair you want straight – not to mention the plethora of colors we strive to attain..anything but what we were born with. And now that it’s summer I’m fighting the daily urge to just chop it all off (which I know I would instantly regret) Now that the heat is on it’s a better time than any to get creative with your hair. Don’t despair, it’s actually really easy. REALLY.


Here is a simple braided top bun with easy to follow instructions. I scooped this from Joanna Goddard’s amazing blog, A CUP OF JOE. Here are some more of my favorites from her site..




I’m trying this one tomorrow.

I always thought I’d look silly with Heidi hair, but I don’t and it’s easy. Pop over to Joanna’s site for more hairspiration (and other awesomeness)

Lately I’ve been wearing my hair Topsy style (or whatever it’s called) and I’ve got to say, people always have some remark to make – “oh did you do that with that topsy turvy thing from the 80’s??!” they ask me. The answer is NO. I’M BRINGIN IT BACK. TOPSY HAIR, DON’T CARE.


I look good, okay?

In my search for pictures of above mentioned hair style, I came across Hair Romance where I found TONS more amazing styles I’ll be trying out. (and the disney picture) Here is one of them..


This is beautiful. She even takes it to the next level..


The flowers are actually a necklace that she pinned in. Perfect idea for a wedding.




And then there’s this

I realize this is not the best picture, but I wanted to show you my hair today. I definitely did it without looking in a mirror so it’s not the best, but it’s easy. I french braid my hair from the top right curving down to the nape of my neck where I finish off the braid and secure it with a tiny clear elastic band. I pick up the braid and wrap it in a circle, pinning everywhere. I haven’t washed this mane in about 4 days, so no hairspray is even necessary (it’s going into a riding helmet later anyway…) And on another hair related note…


Here’s a sneak peek of a line of hair combs I’m working on. What do you think? Would you wear one?

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