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C’mon, it’s the 90’s

5 Oct

Remember butterfly clips?



jenny C

Get outta heeerree

15 Sep

At this moment in time I’m in a foul mood. I think it’s because my normal computer has died, and I’m temporarily using this slow as shit laptop that I’d guess is from the early 2000’s based on its weight alone. So in lieu of my crappy ‘tude, here are some things I wish would go away forever.





You are not Baby Spice and this is not the 1990’s no matter how hard everyone wishes it was right now for some reason.


#2 Dip dyed hair


You look like you should be sniffing oxy in a bathroom somewhere. Take a shower Kate. I’m sure this looks good for one day after you do it, if you’re 14 years old.


#3 People saying Kat Graham has an amazing sense of style


You ain’t no Gaga. Who the hell is this person? Where did she even come from? Is this an idol situ? Honestly, she has had some passable looks before, but this is just crossing over into bat-shit arrogance haze crazy.

#4 Insane shoes


Please explain to me where you would wear these. Then explain how you walk in them anywhere, because life is not a perfectly level runway (a question from a girl who has worn heels out of the womb and in ALL TERRAINS) Furthermore, I would like to know who can justify spending $1000 on a ten second trend.


#5 Kim Kardashian



I just don’t get it. She has a sex tape with RAY J and now America is obsessed with her for some reason? Stop giving this woman money.

Let’s look at some pictures of what she used to look like..




I really hate how successful and admired she is for seriously DOING NOTHING/getting done. Disgusting.


#6 Nicki Minaj V. Lil’ Kim



AND let me just say, Lil’ Kim was a Barbie first. (How many  licks yaaalll)  sooowwwyyy


I think that’s enough hatred for one day.


Jenny C

Dog? Day Afternoon

4 Sep

I recently came across this video, and although I know it is not too recent of a short(over 2 million hits on youtube where it was posted a little over a year ago). So if you’ve seen it, watch it again, because I know you love it already, and you can giggle, smile, and enjoy it all again. For those how have NOT seen this little ditty, be excited. Too be more specific to those how have not seen this, and are simultaneously a Dog Lover, and Star Wars Lovers alike, be really excited!  For your intertainment “AT-AT Day Afternoon” an internet short by Patrick Boivin;

As he explains in the caption on youtube, “When I was a kid, there are two things I wanted badly and never got… A real dog and a Kenner AT-AT Walker.”



P.S. If you liked it watch the making of, it’s brilliant.





Cowabunga Man

1 Sep


get outta heeeerrrreeeeee



I actually did have Simpsons Pogs…


want. so. badly.




Love Millhouse



Jenny C

Craigslist Weirdos

31 Aug

Isn’t it fun to poke around Craigslist’s Missed Connections sometimes? There are some WEIRDOS out there!


This guy rides a motorcycle and thinks her breasts are “fantastic”?! They must be married by now.


Obviously you didn’t get a phone number – YOU SCREWED IN A RESTROOM.



This bitch wants to hire a midget for 15 minutes to scare her bff at her party? I wonder how much she’s willing to pay for that.


You wanna see some spooky shit?




Jenny C

Oldie but Goodie

23 Aug

Okay so it not that old, but old enough(circa 1999), and most certainly good enough. Coffee and TV by the band Blur, is a great track, but moreover the music video is even better! It is super cute, and extremely entertaining. A great compliment to an awesome song, check it out!

And Do They Call Me Jones the Fence Maker?

15 Aug

Today on Some Where Over the Brainbow, Sir Paul McCartney tells a dirty joke;


Its a Dogs World

12 Aug

Here at Some Where Over the Brainbow we love dogs. A lot.

Big dogs. Little dogs. All dogs.

This is my dog, Princess Kylie.

Jenny’s dog Lotus.

For other great photos of dogs(that I didn’t take), peep this; Photographer/Animal Caretaker and trainer,  Carli Davidson.  Her photos have appeared in endless publications, her experience has granted her the opportunity to teach in multiple institutions, and her skill with both cameras and creatures got her a job as the photographer for the Oregon Zoo, as well as other volunteer gigs for animal rescue organizations. In short, she’s awesome.

My favorite gallery of hers is entitled “Shake”. It features mostly dogs but also some cats, mid water removal shake.

I mean, come on. Priceless.

Now here is a video of a Dog singing and playing piano.

one love



Coming to You Live from Outer Space

11 Aug

Brett just showed me this. 2 am. Live from outer space.



Let’s Take a Trip to 1989

9 Aug

And remember this –



AMERICAN GLADIATORS. This show was awesome.



But where are they now??

Storm is apparently homeless.



Hawk (Lee Reherman) is still acting. This guy is pretty interesting. After playing pro football with the Miami Dolphins he received his MBA in Finance from UCLA and a freakin’ Ph.D in Economics. He’s been in a ton of shows like the x-files, Gilmore Girls, and That’s so Raven, and a couple of movies like The Bratz 2007 Movie and Last Action Hero, to name a few. He was even the voice of Armageddon on Regular Show (my favorite) in the episode “really real wrestling”.



Malibu (Deron McBee) was Motaro in Mortal Kombat, and Thor in a 2001 episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm.


Can someone buy this for me?

I’ve been googling this subject for waaaaaaaay too long now.


Jenny C

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