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28 Sep

Recently I’ve been thinking about chopping all of my hair off but then I saw this picture over at and changed my mind.


We have the exact same hair (except hers is longer and better.) Okay so we have the same color hair.

(Here is where I desperately tried to insert a clip from the movie Showgirls where she miss-pronounces “Versace” but could not figure out how to embed a video from imdb because that is the only website that had it)







I LOVE me some Versace. I want to be Donatella.










Versace is teaming up with H&M this fall. Drops November 19th!!!!


Jenny C



27 Sep


Giorgio Armani s/s 2012



The video of these three woman walking on is haunting.

That’s all I got time for today folks


Jenny C

NYFW S/S 2012: Ralph Lauren

16 Sep

Always a classic show in my book, Ralph Lauren never disappoints me. I love the art deco looks, and the old Hollywood Glamor feel that I got from the long silk dresses paired with the luxurious stoles. The runway was gorgeous too, an opalescent white, but atmosphere was so high-key it seems to have made photographing some of the solid white looks a little tricky. initially flipping through the photographs from, I would catch a glimpse of the next look coming onto the runway, but by the time she was at the end in the direct light a lot of the detail looks like it got washed out. Here are my favorites:

















(photos c/o: WMagazine and



Look at how drop Olivia Wilde looked at this show:



Jenny C





Get outta heeerree

15 Sep

At this moment in time I’m in a foul mood. I think it’s because my normal computer has died, and I’m temporarily using this slow as shit laptop that I’d guess is from the early 2000’s based on its weight alone. So in lieu of my crappy ‘tude, here are some things I wish would go away forever.





You are not Baby Spice and this is not the 1990’s no matter how hard everyone wishes it was right now for some reason.


#2 Dip dyed hair


You look like you should be sniffing oxy in a bathroom somewhere. Take a shower Kate. I’m sure this looks good for one day after you do it, if you’re 14 years old.


#3 People saying Kat Graham has an amazing sense of style


You ain’t no Gaga. Who the hell is this person? Where did she even come from? Is this an idol situ? Honestly, she has had some passable looks before, but this is just crossing over into bat-shit arrogance haze crazy.

#4 Insane shoes


Please explain to me where you would wear these. Then explain how you walk in them anywhere, because life is not a perfectly level runway (a question from a girl who has worn heels out of the womb and in ALL TERRAINS) Furthermore, I would like to know who can justify spending $1000 on a ten second trend.


#5 Kim Kardashian



I just don’t get it. She has a sex tape with RAY J and now America is obsessed with her for some reason? Stop giving this woman money.

Let’s look at some pictures of what she used to look like..




I really hate how successful and admired she is for seriously DOING NOTHING/getting done. Disgusting.


#6 Nicki Minaj V. Lil’ Kim



AND let me just say, Lil’ Kim was a Barbie first. (How many  licks yaaalll)  sooowwwyyy


I think that’s enough hatred for one day.


Jenny C

NYFW: Oscar de la Renta

14 Sep

I was sitting in class last night dying over the insta.gram pictures that were flowing in, which were mostly from Bergdorf’s, of Oscar de la Renta’s S/S RTW 2012 show. Seriously – in between getting a refresher on fractions (disgusting) and counting the times my professor said “you know” (57), I was constantly hitting refresh on the news feed and gasping every time a new image came up. Here are some of my favorite looks –





I had a major love affair with yellow this year.





Three words: White. Fur. Stole.

I would really like to see this black dress from the back ^




Here are two looks that I really did not care for…

When I was 3, or 4 years old I remember wanting to be a princess for Halloween, and my mom made me a costume that looked kinda like whatever those are. I’d really like to get a good look at those pink shoes, though.

(Photo c/o:



I love the Stevie Nicks inspired hair –


Check out the bonkers way they achieved this look



This is a technique called “rick-racking”. The hair is wrapped around a large pin, heated with a flat-iron, and then set for AN HOUR. How did they pull this off before a runway show?




Jenny C

NYFW SS 2012: Pamela Love

13 Sep

As I’m sure you already know, it’s fashion week. If that’s not really your bag you can go ahead and ignore my posts for the next week or two. I’ll try to sneak in some other subject matter – but I’m not making any promises. Having said that, let’s move on to Pamela Love’s show that took place September 10th at Milk Studios in NYC. Pamela is an insanely talented jewellery designer based out of New York. I could go on about her designs, but what I really loved about this most recent presentation was the makeup, nails, and styling (done by Pamela herself, she even made the back drop). Inspired by Morocco, Love toned down her edgyness and softened up the feel. The vibe here is a slightly rugged world-traveler one, girls with smokey eyes, and fishtail braids sticking out from their leather Panama hats standing on piles of carpets.


How much fun would it be to play in those boxes?? (above photos from stylecaster)

Definitely making a trip to Sephora asap..

LOVE those nails

And then, at this VERY show, something rare and amazing happened..


Anna Wintour is laughing.

(above photos from Refinery29)


Speaking of Anna: I died cracking up when I saw this picture –

HAHAHAHA Nicki Minaj sitting next to Anna Wintour at Carolina Herrera. I mean, come on Nicki, just be normal already. Tone that shit down, you’re sitting next to Anna Wintour for Christ’s sake.


Jenny C

Post Slackin

12 Sep

Here’s the deal – Both BFCashman and myself are back in school. So if you’re wondering why we’ve been slackin’ this week, there’s your answer. Getting re-adjusted to school while working full-time takes a week or two (sometimes it just never quite gets there). BUT I pinky promise that I am going to try my hardest to post almost daily.

I’m obsessed with Kristen Stewarts’ spread in the most recent issue of W. She looks drop! I’m especially loving the makeup. I wonder if there’s a way I could pull this off? How can I get my hair that big? Where can I wear this makeup? Should I just go to class like this?






I’ve never noticed how perfect her nose is before. The only flaw this spread has is not having more photographs.


Jenny C

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