NYFW SS 2012: Pamela Love

13 Sep

As I’m sure you already know, it’s fashion week. If that’s not really your bag you can go ahead and ignore my posts for the next week or two. I’ll try to sneak in some other subject matter – but I’m not making any promises. Having said that, let’s move on to Pamela Love’s show that took place September 10th at Milk Studios in NYC. Pamela is an insanely talented jewellery designer based out of New York. I could go on about her designs, but what I really loved about this most recent presentation was the makeup, nails, and styling (done by Pamela herself, she even made the back drop). Inspired by Morocco, Love toned down her edgyness and softened up the feel. The vibe here is a slightly rugged world-traveler one, girls with smokey eyes, and fishtail braids sticking out from their leather Panama hats standing on piles of carpets.


How much fun would it be to play in those boxes?? (above photos from stylecaster)

Definitely making a trip to Sephora asap..

LOVE those nails

And then, at this VERY show, something rare and amazing happened..


Anna Wintour is laughing.

(above photos from Refinery29)


Speaking of Anna: I died cracking up when I saw this picture –

HAHAHAHA Nicki Minaj sitting next to Anna Wintour at Carolina Herrera. I mean, come on Nicki, just be normal already. Tone that shit down, you’re sitting next to Anna Wintour for Christ’s sake.


Jenny C


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