SoundCloud Souvenir – Slime

7 Sep

This a concept for a post I have wanted to do for a while now, featuring a link to, and tunes of a musician’s soundcloud page that I am really feeling.  I hope to make SoundCloud Souvenir a regular occurrence on the Brainbow(one a week maybe?). So it only be fitting that I start with the artist that inspired me with this concept , U.K. Producer, Slime.

In the vast technological landscape of cheaper, easier to use audio equipment that doesn’t compromise quality, accompanied by the modern plethora of software and other accessible means to record your own tracks, any pea brain can string together a couple of layered loops and call themselves a “producer”.  Unfortunately they are just producers of uninspired garbage lacking any musical depth or emotional reference. Similar to the douches we all knew(and maybe still know) who formed shitty rock bands in the late 1990’s early 2000’s, compiling three chord riffs joined by cliched lyrics all in an attempt to get laid.

Slim is everything these internet dweebs are not. Slime is the solo project of 19 year old Brit, Will Archer, whose musical talents transcend the keyboard and mouse game,  and reaches a much more advanced level of approach to electronically produced music. His skill with rhythm is clearly evident, as you’ll hear, his beats are not overly convoluted striving for unnecessary complexities, rather achieving a much more mature depth in his exquisite execution. Archer’s sound is extremely cohesive utilizing a collection of instruments, ranging from guitars and drums to sax, flute, and clarinet, all which he plays himself.  The Slime motif is evident, and there is clearly a lot of space for him to grow. I am so glad I caught him early in his career, and look forward to his future releases with great anticipation. How could you not, when the potential for this kid to reach genius heights is so blatantly evident.  Here’s my favorite track on his recently released Increases EP.

Find Slime on Facebook, Twitter, and order his record here.

One Love


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