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And Do They Call Me Jones the Fence Maker?

15 Aug

Today on Some Where Over the Brainbow, Sir Paul McCartney tells a dirty joke;



Its a Dogs World

12 Aug

Here at Some Where Over the Brainbow we love dogs. A lot.

Big dogs. Little dogs. All dogs.

This is my dog, Princess Kylie.

Jenny’s dog Lotus.

For other great photos of dogs(that I didn’t take), peep this; Photographer/Animal Caretaker and trainer,  Carli Davidson.  Her photos have appeared in endless publications, her experience has granted her the opportunity to teach in multiple institutions, and her skill with both cameras and creatures got her a job as the photographer for the Oregon Zoo, as well as other volunteer gigs for animal rescue organizations. In short, she’s awesome.

My favorite gallery of hers is entitled “Shake”. It features mostly dogs but also some cats, mid water removal shake.

I mean, come on. Priceless.

Now here is a video of a Dog singing and playing piano.

one love



Artist Spotlight: Lana Del Rey

11 Aug

If you don’t know, now you know.  (This girl is about to blow up)

I mean what a fox, right? She describes herself as a “gangster Nancy Sinatra”, I’m sold. (even if those lips aren’t real)

Formerly known as Lizzy Grant ^(you can see why I made that lip comment)


Jenny C


(Update 18/18/11: it looks like they’re having some copyright issues with the original video because it has been put up and taken off youtube a lot lately. It’s a good video though, I hope it comes back.)

Coming to You Live from Outer Space

11 Aug

Brett just showed me this. 2 am. Live from outer space.



Let’s Take a Trip to 1989

9 Aug

And remember this –



AMERICAN GLADIATORS. This show was awesome.



But where are they now??

Storm is apparently homeless.



Hawk (Lee Reherman) is still acting. This guy is pretty interesting. After playing pro football with the Miami Dolphins he received his MBA in Finance from UCLA and a freakin’ Ph.D in Economics. He’s been in a ton of shows like the x-files, Gilmore Girls, and That’s so Raven, and a couple of movies like The Bratz 2007 Movie and Last Action Hero, to name a few. He was even the voice of Armageddon on Regular Show (my favorite) in the episode “really real wrestling”.



Malibu (Deron McBee) was Motaro in Mortal Kombat, and Thor in a 2001 episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm.


Can someone buy this for me?

I’ve been googling this subject for waaaaaaaay too long now.


Jenny C

Got the World on a String

4 Aug

I realise I’m posting about lingerie two days in a row now, but the new collection from Made by Niki is just….wowza…









I’m sure Dita Von Teese will buy one of each. (Wish I could too)


On an unrelated yet hilarious  note, this headline caught my eye this morning

Richard Branson is ‘devoured by a whale shark’

I say hilarious because he’s perfectly fine. Here’s what the very breif article said –

“Although Sir Richard Branson was delighted with his laser eye surgery – he said that it had him seeing “perfectly” again – he still managed to accidentally swim into the mouth of a whale shark earlier this month.

“I was swimming around one of these gentle giants off Cancun in Mexico – and then, suddenly, I realised I had managed to get myself right inside it,” the 61-year-old tycoon told me over breakfast at the ExCel Centre yesterday before the Virgin Active London Triathlon.

“Whales sharks have got enormous mouths and this one just literally puffed me out. They are gigantic, but gentle. I think the story of Jonah most likely came from a whale shark. I can’t really think of anything else living in the sea that could swallow you without also killing you.”


Only Richard.


Jenny C

Ay Dios Mio! Andres Sarda!!

3 Aug

When I saw the first photo from Andres Sarda’s Fall/Winter 2011-2012 collection I actually gasped. Being one who LOVES Latin American folklore, this show is an absolute favorite of mine. The beauty of this show doesn’t stop at the lingerie. Everything from the accessories (the shoes, oh myyy), to the hair and makeup, even the music is fascinating. And the best part of all – THE COLORS!!!























Here’s the video of the show – enjoy!



Jenny C


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