Let’s Take a Trip to 1989

9 Aug

And remember this –



AMERICAN GLADIATORS. This show was awesome.



But where are they now??

Storm is apparently homeless.



Hawk (Lee Reherman) is still acting. This guy is pretty interesting. After playing pro football with the Miami Dolphins he received his MBA in Finance from UCLA and a freakin’ Ph.D in Economics. He’s been in a ton of shows like the x-files, Gilmore Girls, and That’s so Raven, and a couple of movies like The Bratz 2007 Movie and Last Action Hero, to name a few. He was even the voice of Armageddon on Regular Show (my favorite) in the episode “really real wrestling”.



Malibu (Deron McBee) was Motaro in Mortal Kombat, and Thor in a 2001 episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm.


Can someone buy this for me?

I’ve been googling this subject for waaaaaaaay too long now.


Jenny C


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