We’re Back Yaaa’lll

1 Aug



Sorry for the lack of posts this past week, we were too busy having fun on our vacation in Topsail, NC.

Here I am having said fun..

(photo c/o Brian Fahey Cashman)



My obsession for romance novel covers has gotten so out of control I actually started reading one. I wish I was kidding. One rainy day on vacation we stopped in a couple of shops, and in one of them there was a tiny bookshelf with a handwritten paper sign on it that said “Church sale – make a donation…for the kids” or something to that effect. Here’s what happened to me:


Why not? For the kids, right?


Then there’s some amazing remakes by Oli + Alex



DateWednesday, March 9, 2011 at 4:29PM

Self portraits of me and my boyfriend Ross. 

Sometimes we sit for hours staring at a sea shell. Other times he’ll hold me by the neck in front of the Pyramids. But there’s nothing we like more than NEARLY kissing each other near some horses. I always try to look hot in front of him so he doesn’t leave me.







These people are awesome.



Jenny C


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