Things That I Want

12 Jul

So sorry I haven’t been posting lately, no excuses, so all I can do is try and make up for it, beginning by posting a Jenny style. . . well. . style post.Only this won’t be about pretty dresses and finger nails.

Reebok recently announced the release of The “Classic Vintage” Collection pack, featuring four of their memorable 1980’s fitness silhouettes, coming the end of this month. The quartet of leather sneakers display a sharp white and gray color way, and when juxtaposed against the flashy neons and loud geometric shapes of the era it caused these shoes to have a bold discord with the decade’s current fashion trends, allowing them to stand out in our collective memory. The Freestyle, Ex-O-Fit, Workout, and Classic Leather are not campy, in  jest of, reissues, they are meticulously detailed exact replicas.  Down to an advanced aging technique that ensures the glue turns the right shade of faded tan. CRAZY! Needless to say, these shoe designs are awesome!

One Love


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