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Holy Hot Outside

20 Jul

Is it messed up that I kinda hope my riding lesson gets cancelled because it’s so damn hot out?

Here’s some funny


(No Way Girl)

This is me when I leave the office when it’s 1000 degrees outside and remember I don’t have air conditioning in my car…

(from my new favorite tumblr…simpsongifs)

the best!


Jenny C

Is It Too Much To Ask

19 Jul

That my future home have a conservatory???















Jenny C

Artist Spotlight: Kana Nagano

18 Jul

Here’s what I can tell you about Kana Nagano…she’s an illustrator and she’s Japanese. And I’m actually not 100% on the she part. I’ve been Googling, and I can come up with no information. Frankly, I’m not even sure how I found this work in the first place. Here’s the website – if you can decipher any of it, or have any more information please let me know.


I want all of these prints


















Pretty Awesome.


Jenny C

Getting Ready for Vacation

18 Jul

First, let’s go over the weekend..

nail situ: I didn’t clean my cuticles before I shot this, sorry, I’m not sorry. I used Essie’s “Borrowed & Blue” from the 2011 Wedding Collection as the base. To get the drip effect I let the polish collect a bit at the bottom of the drip and brushed it back towards the tip of the nail. Then I connected them across the tip like you would a french manicure.

I seriously cannot get anything done with ^this in my room.

Luckily I have Paula Abdul Dance Mixes in my record collection, which was on full blast to get us pumped for our ride to Seaside Heights. (Which was an epic shit-show..would you expect anything less?) I was too distracted by drinking to take a lot of photos, but I did manage to capture the aftermath in the morning:

Massive headache..check. Sunglasses I found in Matt’s car missing one arm…check. Wearing new favorite shirt…check. All in all a pretty successful venture.

This Friday I’m heading to Topsail, North Carolina.

I’m so exited, I made this checklist:

What I’m not exited about is the fact that this 10-year-old girl was bitten by a shark at Topsail Beach in 3 1/2 feet of water on July 1st.  Last year a 13-year-old girl was bitten twice before she made it out of the water. A few days later someone snapped a picture of this bull shark in the ocean..

I should probably stop googling this topic or I’m not going in the ocean at all.

I leave you with these

Soooooo good! Found on Shlooby Kitten


Jenny C

Real Estate – It’s Real

18 Jul

Can’t stop listening to this instant classic of a summer jam “It’s Real” by New Jersey band Real Estate. Off their forth coming LP Days, the sound is very much their own, but also somehow incredibly familiar,  as if this song had already been selected for your soundtrack to montage of great personal summer time memories.  Bright, up-lifting, innocent, and warm, this track should make you want to eat a Popsicle, or drink a cold beer outside in the sun.


Ahhh, Enjoy.




This Just Made Me Want to Vomit…

15 Jul



ew ew ew ew ew look at iiiittttt!! ew ew EW


15 Jul

It’s only 10am, and I am READY for the weekend


Guess where I’m heading tonight??


I don’t think I’ve been to Seaside since my prom (I actually think we’re staying in the same hotel we did back  then..)


Oh thank God, they have an M&M machine.

I leave you with a plethora of hilarity





(I’m pretty sure I got the above  from Shlooby Kitten)



Where can I buy this??!!


(^these are all from eatingallthefeelings – sooo good)


Have a weekend!!


Jenny C

Creative Rut

13 Jul

I’ve been listening to SBTRKT’s album “Watermark 101” pretty much all day..

Peep this video for “Wildfire” – it’s pretty weird.


Ever get in a mood where you hate everything you make? I’ve been avoiding my workbench for weeks now. I came across this list I really like today



I’m looking at 31 & 33…..


Jenny C

Things I’m Obsessed With:

12 Jul

Moroccan Riads. I want to live in one.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.





Jenny C

Things That I Want

12 Jul

So sorry I haven’t been posting lately, no excuses, so all I can do is try and make up for it, beginning by posting a Jenny style. . . well. . style post.Only this won’t be about pretty dresses and finger nails.

Reebok recently announced the release of The “Classic Vintage” Collection pack, featuring four of their memorable 1980’s fitness silhouettes, coming the end of this month. The quartet of leather sneakers display a sharp white and gray color way, and when juxtaposed against the flashy neons and loud geometric shapes of the era it caused these shoes to have a bold discord with the decade’s current fashion trends, allowing them to stand out in our collective memory. The Freestyle, Ex-O-Fit, Workout, and Classic Leather are not campy, in  jest of, reissues, they are meticulously detailed exact replicas.  Down to an advanced aging technique that ensures the glue turns the right shade of faded tan. CRAZY! Needless to say, these shoe designs are awesome!

One Love

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