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Inspiration Found

30 Jun

Last night I finally got around to watching Guzaarish. Having seen Saawariya I decided I would see every film that Sanjay Leelah Bhansali had his hand in because he is a visual mastermind. Guzaarish was a beautiful and bittersweet story. The sets were stunning, but not nearly as much as Aishwarya Rai was in this movie.

Did I mention how gorgeous the set was?

You can watch it instantly on Netflix.


Jenny C

Weekend in Maryland

27 Jun

Here are some shots I took this weekend in Maryland


It started out as a pretty dreary day


See the guy?




I think there’s a ghost in ^this picture.



Eventually the sun did come out






Jenny C

Things I’m Obsessed With:

23 Jun

Gold Indian jewelry. If only I had an extra $5,000 laying around so I could buy one of these…














A beautiful and unique necklace that I bought yesterday from Babette on Etsy.. (She has some really amazing pieces)



Where have I been for the passed three days??…


My nails (and bandaids thanks to ^^^that guy)…




Jenny C


20 Jun



20 Jun






Bacon cheeseburger turtles.

My heart kind of murmurs looking at this. These glorious images were picked up from Thisiswhyyou’refat  WARNING: do not look at that site if you’re starving, or really full.

This is supposed to be a BLT?


Avocado wrapped in bacon stuffed with goat cheese (i’m drooling)



Bacon starry night..


And then there’s this guy, Carl Warner who makes these photographs…



Oh, and there’s also this..





Jenny C




Artist Spotlight : Jonathan Zawada

17 Jun



I would stab and kill for one of these paintings from Jonathan Zawada’s 2010 exhibit Over Time









He also did some amazing work for Trust Fun! which I would also stab and kill for..

Here’s some other nifty things he’s done

Happy Friday!!

Wishing Away the Day

16 Jun

New Rye Rye video/lookbook for Prabal Gurung 

“New Thing”


Is it just me, or at :35 into Rye Rye’s song does it sounds a lot like this…


It makes me really bummed out that Zara Home does not ship to the U.S. Then again, maybe it’s better for my wallet that they don’t.


15 Jun

Sometimes I get sucked into this black hole of going through countless “fashion” blogs, occasionally to the point where my eyes glaze over. At first I like them, I think the girl is drop, and get inspired by some of the flawless outfits she posts, amazing recipes she’s concocted, perfect rooms in her home, her never out-of-place super model hair, her god damn makeup, her closet, her jewelry…and then all of a sudden I get angry. Seriously though, who the hell follows these girls around all day and takes millions of pictures of them? Don’t they EVER just wear sweatpants? Does their nail polish ever chip? When they dump out their purse and take pictures of the contents, how long does it take them to arrange all that perfect shit? And where are all the crumpled receipts and candy wrappers and airplane sized bottles of booze?  AND WHAT KIND OF JOB DO THEY HAVE WHERE THEY CAN AFFORD ALL THIS HIGH END SHIT?



Then I just head over to Regretsy and laugh it off…













It’s All Happening

14 Jun

Ordered more fun from MiniatureSweet yesterday….

New nails..

Really not the greatest pictures.  Sowwy (it’s pretty hard taking pictures of your own hands)

I LOVE the lookbook for Wildfox’s Fall 2011 collection. Here are some of my favorite images..

Inspired by Almost Famous, what I really love about this shoot is the story behind the images. I chose these above images because they have cinematic, film-still quality. I’m haunted by some of these pictures and to me that is what makes an effective advertisement. In the past Wildfox has featured some pretty over-modeled look books (seriously, I don’t care about how pouty and beautiful the girl is wearing the clothes. I care about the CLOTHES) but these images convey a feeling, and it’s a great one. Can’t wait to see what they do next.

Congrats Dirk!

13 Jun

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